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TGB Target 550 EFI 4x4 IRS LOF
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ATV Quad / Hubraum: 503 ccm / Motor: 4-Takt-Motor / Zylinder: 1 / Tankinhalt: 15 Liter / Cockpitausstattungen: ditigitale Tachoanzeige, Drehzahlmesser, Benzintankanzeige / Getriebe: Automatik / Anlasser: Elektrostart / Gewicht: 393 kg / Bremse vorne: Scheibenbremse / Bremse hinten: Scheibenbremse / Motorkühlung: flüssigkeitsgekühlt / Vorderreifen: 25x8-12 / Hinterreifen: 25x10-12 / Radstand: 1.280 mm / Bodenfreiheit: 31 cm / Autobahnzulassung / Abmessungen (LxBxH): 203 x 125 x 130 cm / Federung vorne: Doppel A-Arms / Federung hinten: Doppel A-Arms

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Stand: Dec 11, 2018
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Gepäckträger hinten komplett Quad ATV TGB Targe...
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Gepäckträger Original TGB passend für das Quad Target 525

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Stand: Oct 5, 2018
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Embedded Linux lernen mit dem Raspberry Pi
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Im Bereich eingebetteter Systeme ist Linux weit verbreitet. Und in Kombination mit der Embedded-Plattform Raspberry Pi bildet es ein optimales Gespann, um sich praxisorientiert Kenntnisse und Techniken anzueignen, die für die Entwicklung eingebetteter Systeme notwendig sind. Dieses einführende Lehr- und Arbeitsbuch beschreibt daher Aufbau, Konzeption und Realisierung eingebetteter Linux-Systeme am Beispiel des Raspberry Pi. Nach der erfolgreichen Lektüre können Sie - einfache eingebettete System planen und realisieren - eine Cross-Entwicklungsumgebung im Rahmen einer Host-Target-Entwicklung aufsetzen - Systemsoftware konfektionieren und zu einem Embedded-Linux-Gesamtsystem zusammenbauen - die Einschränkungen bei der Applikationserstellung im Umfeld eingebetteter Systeme einschätzen und Anwendungssoftware erstellen - den grundlegenden Aufbau von Treibersoftware nachvollziehen und einfache Treiber programmieren - die Anforderungen an Security verstehen und durch geeignete Techniken gewährleisten. Zahlreiche Beispiele sowie Tipps und Tricks machen das Thema anschaulich und erleichtern die Umsetzung in die Praxis. Vom Systemanwender zum Systementwickler: Während die meisten Bücher rund um den Raspberry Pi zeigen, wie Sie vorhandene Systemsoftware einsetzen und für Ihre Anwendung nutzen, entwickeln Sie mit diesem Mitmach-Buch ein optimal auf Ihre eigenen Bedürfnisse angepasstes Embedded Linux!

Stand: Dec 10, 2018
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Dust Tactics: SSU IS-5 Heavy Tank (Exp.) (engl.)
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With less access to VK-driven technologies, SSU engineers have had to invent other means to combat the powerful walkers deployed by their Axis and Allied foes. Their response? The IS-5 Heavy Tank comes equipped with serious SSU firepower in both of two Damage Resilient configurations. Built to deal with serious threat of enemy aircraft, the IS-5 A Mao Zedong controls a battlefield at range with its Quad 85 mm AA Gun. These powerful guns are deadly to enemy aircraft and can be used effectively against ground targets as well. Meanwhile, the SSU has long considered artillery the most important weapon on the modern battlefield and has found success throughout the war with its huge guns. Accordingly, the IS-5 B Vladimir Lenin, is a powerful artillery platform, capable of reducing enemy targets to rubble with its massive 252 mm field mortar.

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Stand: Oct 9, 2016
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Stepbrother Tease , Hörbuch, Digital, 1, 80min
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My stepbrother Giles is the biggest prick I´ve ever known. He lives to make fun of me, to tease me, to play his stupid pranks on me. Giles, the boy with the surfer good looks, went from being my long-distance heartthrob, to the subject of my every wet dream the moment he moved into my house and started sleeping down the hall. If our parents hadn´t done the unthinkable, and married during our freshman year, we´d have never spoken a word to each other. And I could have gotten over my crush. But instead, he became my new stepbrother, and I saw him everyday. Everyday, a torture, a knife in my heart. Watching Giles strut his stuff, gain his fame, become Class President and the star of the Lacrosse team, that didn´t bother me. But watching the sexy and popular girls lining up to be his next score - that was hard to take. I died a little every time I saw him making out with his latest girl-of-the-week, giving her tongue in the quad, or making out in his car, or going farther downstairs on our living room couch. I wanted to be the one he kissed. I wanted to be the one he pressed against the cushions. But he only saw me one way. I was his geeky little stepsister, and the favorite target of his next elaborate prank. I knew my secret desire for him was not only dangerous and wrong - it was crap! I knew he hated me. Why else would he do the things he did? Why else did he constantly tease me and hunt for new ways to embarrass me? Why else was he always so mean to me? And now, high school is over and our last summer is coming to an end. Tomorrow he´s off to college, out of my life forever. And I´ve only got tonight to tell him how I feel. One final chance to show him what he means to me. I´m determined to tell him. No matter the cost. I have no choice! 1. Language: English. Narrator: Sierra Kline. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Stand: Aug 13, 2018
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